United States

The first location was opened in Burbank, California. After beginning in the west coast, Ettedgui has been continuing to branch out to Florida.


Israel is known as the Start-Up Nation in the business world today. New companies are created everyday in the fastest growing, dynamic, entrepreneurial, innovation based economies on the planet. Israel produces more start-ups per capita than anywhere else in the world.


Being apart of the European union, Ettedgui has established a location in Paris, France and has continued to expand to the U.K. allowing Ettedgui to collaborate and develop in neighbouring territories.

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Ettedgui holds three working visas and is a citizen of The United States, Israel and France. During this time, he has learned to speak French, Hebrew, Spanish and is currently learning Russian. His operating locations are in Burbank, California, Paris, France, and Haifa, Israel.

Having experienced different cultures and diversity with nations abroad, Ettedgui has expanded distribution internationally. Ettedgui’s foreign relationships have been nurtured and cultivated through conventions like MIPCOM.

Citizenships & Languages