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David Adam Ettedgui (E-ted-[g]ee) has worked professionally in multiple aspects and departments in Film, Television, Music, and Marketing in the entertainment industry.

His achievements include National Downbeat Music Awards, Solo performance and Original composition for a Studio Jazz Orchestra, International Association for Jazz Education, Semi Finalist in The Grammy Foundation Competition, Quarter Finalist in the Fade in Screen writing Competition, as well as an Outstanding Artist Scholarship at the Ministry of Haifa, in Israel.

After opening a number of locations for business, his achievements have expanded to multiple territories and recently started his own company. Ettedgui has had 10+ years in the entertainment industry with previous experience that ranges from a number of different studios.



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Ettedgui began his lifestyle at the age of 7 when he picked up his grandfather's video camera and began his lifelong journey into becoming a Film Director. Since then he also studied heavily in music by beginning to learn the Drums, Guitar, and Piano. By his early adolescence, he accumulated numerous music awards in national competitions.


After making a very serious decision to pursue film, he traveled to Euope and Israel to develop his abilities.  By then, his one focus was to become a filmmaker. After traveling the world and studying French at La Sorbonne University,  he continued to work on multiple productions as a Director, Producer, Composer, and Writer. He later studied Hebrew  at Haifa University and currently resides in Haifa, Israel, where he is developing his own company and a base of operations. Ettedgui has graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from California State Univeristy, Northridge in Cinema and Television Arts with an emphasis in Screenwriting.



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